miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009


De manera Exclusiva, la letra del track "Witch Hunt" realizado el pasado 30 de Octubre del corriente año en celebración de Halloween.

(Imágen del Concierto)

Aquí la letra:

You seen to play
Calm down the name
In witches mercy

Without remorse
You chase the ones
This Mercy lies
you don't understand

I'm the
To be unkind
I heart the wispering souls my mouth
My eyes can see
Your fear of me
I'm the tandering
why you are here

You seen in to blame
Come down the name
be witches the mercy's
(with from your flames) ou (with from own pain)
Without remorse

You chase the ones
(response lies)
you don't understand
No more pain.
No more pain own liberty
by than sweet own of saint of sleep)
the win steps an "liberty ou freeboard"
step to me as before
real season will had come. -

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